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28th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2007.


Lexical Technology is proud to be part of the 28th Asian conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS 2007). It will be held from 12 to 16 November 2007 at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC),Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ( DetailsĄ­ ) ( www.macres.gov.my/acrs2007/main.html )

25 Sep 2007

3rd Asia Space Conference 2007.


Lexical Technology participated proudly in the 3rd Asia Space Conference 2007 as a sponsor as well as an exhibitor. It was held and hosted for the first time in Singapore from 21-23 March, 2007 at the NTU Alumni Club. ( DetailsĄ­ ) ( http://pdcc.ntu.edu.sg/ASC2007/ )

18 May 2007

China to build 4th satellite launching center in Hainan.


China is to built a new satellite launching center, the fourth of its kind in the country, in its southernmost island province of Hainan, said Luo Baoming, acting governor of Hainan, on Tuesday. ( DetailsĄ­ )

09 Feb 2007

China to launch a new weather satellite in autumn.


China is likely to launch a new polar-orbiting meteorological satellite, Fengyun-3 (FY-3), this autumn to improve its global weather monitoring capacity, the China News Service reported.? ( DetailsĄ­ )

02 Feb 2007

Awarding of Certificate of Training to the Staffs of BMG

Congratulations to the Staffs from BMG!

Staffs from BMG who attended the Operator Training Course have been awarded with the Certificate of Training from Lexical which ended on the 12th of October 2006. ( DetailsĄ­ )

19 Jan 2007

Hotspots Detection Training at MMS, Malaysia on 09 Jan 2007

Lexical conducted a specific training on hotspot detection at MMSĄ¯s request for their staff. The classroom training, followed by a demonstration and hands on, was conducted at MMS office. This is done in line with our strong beliefs to continuously add value to our customers. ( DetailsĄ­ )

12 Jan 2007

LEXICAL NOAA/HRPT and FY-1D/CHRPT Solutions for PAGASA, Philippines.

Lexical had successfully installed and commissioned a new NOAA/HRPT and FY-1D/CHRPT system at the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service and Administration (PAGASA) in September 2006. ( DetailsĄ­ )

18 Nov 2006

LEXICAL MODIS System Upgrading for LAPAN Parepare, Indonesia.

Lexical has successfully facilitated Lapan Parepare in the upgrading of their existing system, that can only receive raw MODIS data, to a customized system that is capable of meeting LapanĄ¯s requirements to provide their customers with the desired products. ( DetailsĄ­ )

10 Nov 2006

LEXICAL NOAA/HRPT and FY-1D/CHRPT and MTSAT Solutions for BMG Jakarta, Indonesia.


Lexical successfully installed and commissioned three Ground Station Reception Systems: NOAA/FY-1D and MTSAT for BMG Jakarta. Each System has been customized to the specific needs of BMG. ( DetailsĄ­ )

14 Sep 2006

LEXICAL MODIS System Upgrading for BMG Jakarta, Indonesia


Lexical has successfully facilitated BMG Jakarta in the upgrading of their existing MODIS system. BMGĄ¯s existing system can only received raw MODIS data and process it to PDS format (Level 0). ( DetailsĄ­ )

13 Sep 2006

LEXICAL NOAA/HRPT and FY-1 /CHRPT Solutions for PAGASA, Philippines

Lexical has been awarded a new contract to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Service and Administration (PAGASA), for the delivery of a NOAA/HRPT and FY-1/CHRPT system.

In-tandem with the primary mission of PAGASA to provide protection of life and property against natural hazards due to typhoons, floods, drought, giant waves, high seas, etc., to utilize scientific knowledge and information as an effective instrument to ensure the safety, well being, economic security and improve the quality of life of all the people and the environment; and to promote national progress and contribute to regional socio-economic development through various applications of meteorology, geophysics and space sciences (including astronomy), Lexical is one of the preferred partners.

21 Feb 2006

LEXICAL MTSAT/HRIT Solutions For Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency acquired Lexical MTSAT/HRIT Ground Station Reception System in late 2005. Lexical's HRIT system is supplied to JMA via NHE( NIPPPON HAKUYO electronics ltd ) and was installed and commissioned in Kiyose City, Tokyo. ( DetailsĄ­ )

16 Feb 2006

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