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Hotspots Detection Training at MMS, Malaysia on 09 Jan 2007.

12 Jan 2007

Lexical conducted a specific training on hotspot detection at MMSís request for their staff. The classroom training, followed by a demonstration and hands on, was conducted at MMS office. This is done in line with our strong beliefs to continuously add value to our customers.

After undergoing the training, MMSís system operators gained an insight into the principles of hotspots detection. This enables them to fully utilize Lexical Software for their day to day operation in hotspots detection.

With a better understanding of the hotspot algorithm, they are able to fine tune the software parameters to suit their own localís needs. Throughout the classroom training and hands on session, participants were strongly encouraged to clarify their doubts and better their understanding.

The training had equipped the system operators with the skills to be effective in reading hotspot products. In addition, the session also helps MMS to fully utilize Lexicalís software to better assist them in their daily work.

Hotspots Detection Training at MMS, Malaysia