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Awarding of Certificate of Training to the Staffs of BMG

19 Jan 2007

Congratulations to the Staffs from BMG!

Staffs from BMG who attended the Operator Training Course have been awarded with the Certificate of Training from Lexical which ended on the 12th of October 2006.

Lexical will like to congratulate the Staffs from Bandan Meteorological & Geofisika (BMG) for completing the Lexical Operator Training course on MTSAT, NOAA and MODIS (TERRA & AQUA) satellite ground stations.

Following the successful installation of the Lexical MTSAT, NOAA and MODIS system in BMG ( 13 Sep 2006 and 14 Sep 2006 ) , Lexical conducted the system training course to their staffs. Training was conducted onsite in Jakarta, Indonesia, in two separate sessions. Experience trainers on the MTSAT, NOAA and MODIS system from Lexical conducted the Operator Training Course which included both classroom and hands-on trainings. In the Operator Training Course, the participants were trained in the following:

1.           Introduction to the weather satellite (including              the characteristics, capabilities and data              format)

2.           Processing pipeline and  components of the              Lexical Ground Receiving System (both              hardware and software)

3.           Setup and configuration of the software              system

4.           Detailed operating procedures of the software              system

5.           Troubleshooting and fault rectification

The intuitive and powerful  graphical user interface (GUI) from Lexical’s software greatly reduced the learning curve required. All the complicated and cumbersome steps that would have otherwise been required to receive and process data from MTSAT, NOAA and MODIS have now been taken care by Lexical’s System.

Throughout the training course, active participations from the BMG staffs made learning more effective. The exchange of experiences and knowledge in the area of satellite remote sensing between Lexical’s trainers and BMG staffs allowed both sides to benefit from the training.

With the completion of the Operator Training Course, staffs from BMG can now utilize the data from MTSAT, NOAA and MODIS satellites received by Lexical Ground Receiving System more efficiently.